5 Household Chores You Should Consider Outsourcing

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Published on April 7, 2016


In an effort to ensure your home is running smoothly, it is important to have a clear list of household chores. Form the basics, including cleaning and cooking, which you should consider doing yourself if you at all have the means and sufficient time by your side. If you properly establish a system, it is very possible to have a manageable house hold chore routine. However, for the following tasks and chores, it is important to consider hiring a professional for assistance.

Fixing of Appliances

Your home appliances are bound to break and require repair from time to time. The drier may stop working, the fridge may die or maybe the toilet will start leaking. At first you may try fixing the appliances by yourself because you think you know where the problem is or maybe you are aware of what caused the problem in the first place.

You may end up disassembling the entire appliance and fail to fix the problem. The real nightmare is when you are not able to assemble the appliance back to its initial state. When it comes to fixing a broken house appliance, it is wise to hire a professional who understands what they are doing. You will save yourself time and considerable amounts of energy.

Walking Your Dog

Obviously you need to make sure your dog gets ample exercise. You cannot afford racing home from work every day to walk your dog however. The quality of the walks may prove to be poor since you do not have sufficient time to provide the dog with frequent quality exercise. However, if you have a flexible work schedule or work from home, you can easily afford to give your dog frequent walks.

On the other hand, if you have a tight work schedule, it means that you have minimum or even no time to offer quality exercise to your dog. You may have to look for a professional dog walker in your area to handle routine walks. You can also hire a professionals from DogWalker.com. Their charge per hour and rates can’t exceed $30. Hiring a dog walker will ensure that your dog stays happy and you can stay focused on work.

Cleaning Services

If you have a tight schedule, you can opt to hire a cleaning professional for your cleaning needs. In addition, you can decide to purchase a dry cleaning kit. Today, there are numerous inexpensive kits in the market. However, the number of treatments as well as their effectiveness vary from one brand to another.

To ensure that you purchase the best dry-cleaning kit, it is important to ask for some insights from a professional. They will recommend the right kit for your laundry needs based on their experience with the products. You may also confirm with the labels available on your clothes to find out whether they require dry cleaning.

Snow Removal

Removing snow from your home can be a fun activity. However, it can also be a tiresome experience. According to the Harvard Medical School, you can burn approximately 223 calories within 30 minutes of shoveling snow. With the level of intensity characterized by this shoveling activity, it should only be attempted by some one who is physically fit.

If you’re in the later years of your life clearing snow can be an extremely demanding task. Additionally, if you might be having a medical complication that doesn’t allow you to take part in high intensity activities, it is wise to inquire from your health provider before considering removing snow from your home. You could put your health at risk if you fail to take the necessary precautions. If that’s the case, consider hiring a professional to clear snow from your home fast. Most professionals own the necessary equipment for such activities.


Landscaping is another time consuming and often labor intensive task that can prove to be very strenuous. To top it off if you have seasonal allergies this can make the process completely unbearable. Landscaping companies are always available and they offer very affordable rates. For only $30 a week, your lawn can be cut without any worry.

Finding a balance between easily manageable house hold chores and the need for hiring a professional greatly depends on budget as well as the desire and skills you possess in a given area. If the benefits of hiring a professional outweigh the costs, you should consider outsourcing certain tasks . Other factors to consider include time, your health and even your safety.




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